Super Supplements

The idea of super supplements is one that many people debate since some products on the market provide results, but at a cost to your health. Other supplements keep you healthy but do not give you the added boost for which you may be searching.

Super SupplementsAs a nutritionist, body builder, fitness addict or just someone who likes to stay in shape, you probably have some interest in supplements, whether it is a simple multi-vitamin, debunking myths or finding the latest and best product on the market to incorporate into your daily regimen.

The key to choosing the right supplement involves talking to your doctor, obtaining referrals and researching not only the products but also their ingredients so you know exactly what you are taking and how it may affect your health.

The Basics

Prior to considering these supplements, you should first evaluate your diet, exercise routine, overall health, the supplements you currently take and your goal in taking a super supplement. It is important that you try to obtain as much nutrition as possible from eating healthy, natural foods on a daily basis before taking a supplement but if this is not possible or you feel you need more, first consider the basics.

Since some supplements are unnatural or have health consequences, it is unlikely for anyone to recommend them, especially if you do not start with the basics, such as a multi-vitamin, the number one choice in supplements. In addition to the multi-vitamin, you may opt to take one or all of the six other supplements, which include antioxidants, fiber, enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics and minerals.


Best vitamin supplementsYour diet is a determining factor as to whether or not you need to take these supplements, because if you are not making healthy choices, a regular supplement is not going to be enough to give your body the energy it needs to stay healthy and work out.

A healthy diet that would not require you to take super form of supplements is one with whole grains, seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day and no canned, processed, frozen or fast foods more than once a week. If you are eating products such as white bread, corn in a can, and Burger King on a regular basis, you need to change your eating habits and take a supplement, as recommended by your doctor or a nutritionist.

The Supplements

If you decide to take supplements, with or without the advice of your doctor, a variety of products are available from which you can choose, though some of the more popular products include:

  • Hydroxycut
  • No Xplode
  • Jacked
  • Oxyelite Pro
  • Muscle Milk.

A newer product, Helium Creatine Factor-1, is also gaining some recognition, though its young age may mean all of its side effects are unknown.

Among the more natural super form of supplements is that which features the Acai berry, a food known for its antioxidants and alleged ability to help people lose weight.

Regardless as to whether a product says it is natural, FDA approved, highly recommended, or guarantees fast results, you have to remember that, while in a separate category, many of these products are similar to medications in that they do have side effects and each person’s body reacts differently to a specific item.

For this reason, you cannot be ignorant or naïve about the product you choose to put into your body; you have to talk to your doctor and do research using reliable sources. The primary goal of working out is to enhance your health so that you can feel and look good so why go through the trouble of living healthy if you are willing to ruin it all with potentially harmful super supplements.